Fieldstone Animal Inn comes on board to support 2015 Posh Pet Calendar

Posh Pet Portraits is very pleased to announce that Fieldstone Animal Inn is partnering with us to support our 2015 Posh Pet Calendar to benefit SPCA Anne Arundel County.

Fieldstone Animal Inn has been a staple of the community for over 40 years. The facility began as Fiedstone Kennels, a breeding facility. Then, Anna Torres-Radle became owner in 2004 and transformed Fieldstone into the cozy Inn it is today!

Along with lodging, Fieldstone offers doggie daycare, full service grooming, and canine training. Fieldstone is also an active participant in rescue organizations and houses rescues when the animals have no other place to stay.

At Fieldstone's facitily, the staff are firm believers that lots of activity leads to a happy and healthy pet! For that reason, they strive to emulate or exceed the pets' activity received at home.

Tours of the facitily are welcome any time during business hours!!  They would love to meet with you.  They are located at 174 Obrecht Rd, Millersville, MD 21108.  Contact info is as follows:

410-647-5616  (While you are there, please give them a "like!"

Posh Pets will be conducting pet sessions on Thursday, August 21 and Thursday, August 28 at Fieldstone Animal Inn.  For more information about this fun and worthy cause, please call Linda at 410 626 7474 or e-mail Linda.  Sessions are filling up fast and we are accepting applications up until August 31!!!  What a wonderful opportunity to have your pet professionally photographed and considered for the 2015 Posh Pet Calendar to benefit SPCA!


Won't you join our community of making a difference {one paw print at a time}?





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In honor of Casey and all the dogs who found a "forever" home


Casey came into my life as a puppy seven years ago, a gift from Michael.  She lived with him for awhile until I got settled into the farmhouse, where she now happily resides.  Casey is a Yellow Lab; part English, part American.  Although, she is a gift from Michael, her heart (like mine) belongs to him.  Below is a video of her unconditional love when she greets him every day.  She knows instinctively when he comes home and one will find her by the door, waiting for him.


Casey is a great companion.  Recently, she has taken to following me wherever I go and lays at my feet feeling very content.  She loves company and anyone who comes over, she reckons they come to see her and only her!!  Over the years, I have learned so much from her.  I have learned to take a nap when needed, have fun, exercise, love unconditionally and eat just the right amount (OK, I haven't mastered that one!!)  Socialize, love life, rest, sleep, play and always be there for someone who needs you.  She has become an integral part of my life.

Prayer Mode


Anyone who owns a dog knows what I am talking about!  Casey, like thousands of other dogs got lucky.  She has never seen the inside of a kennel.  She is in a place where she is loved and cared for.  Not all dogs or cats have that privilege, as you well know.  I wanted to make a difference in a dog or cat’s life, thus the idea of the calendar to raise funds for the SPCA was borne.  As many of you may know, we are the home of the L’il Angel Calendar to benefit NICU and over the years we managed to raise over $100,000.  So, why not do the same for the SPCA.  Little did we know, that we would receive an outpouring of love and support and through the calendar efforts, to date we have met so many wonderful people and their companions.  Most of them have been adopted through the SPCA or other means and it’s uncanny.  It’s almost like these dogs get the sense that without their owners, their lives would have taken a different turn altogether.

To say I am loving this project is an understatement.  It has been a humbling experience to date and I cannot wait to see the finished product.  But wait!!  It isn’t over yet!!  We are still looking for pet owners who believe in giving back by helping a dog or cat find its forever home.  The funds for this calendar go directly to the SPCA and are 100% tax deductible.  Won’t you be a part of our growing family {making a difference one paw print at a time} by participating in this worthy event?  To find out more, email or call 410-626-7474

WARNING:  When viewing the video, turn down the sound a bit :)



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Meet Sarah




Recently, I received a phone call from Sarah, a recent graduate of Arundel High School, inquiring about senior photographs.  After talking with her for awhile, we set up a consultation date with her mother to meet me, review her senior portrait needs, go over my portfolio, review our investment guide and give her a tour of our gardens.  So what's unusual about this?  I will tell you!  I have been photographing high school seniors for many years and this was one of the rare times that a high school senior actually called to schedule her own senior portrait session!

It was during our consultation that I learned that Sarah was chosen "Teen of The Week" for the upcoming issue of the Capital and not knowing what was written about her, I anxiously awaited the delivery of my newspaper.  And, here is what I read (I paraphrased and condensed the actual version, but it tells her story).  My first impressions were confirmed. I was, indeed, photographing a very special high school senior.


Sarah was President of the National Honor Society during her senior year and was also active in the Tri-M Music Honor Society and Spanish Honor Society.  In addition, she was involved in the Student Government Association at the class and school level for all four years.

Arundel High has a child development program called, The Little Wildcats Preschool, where students study the growth and development of preschoolers attending the preschool.  Teens interact with the 3-5 year olds and in the course of interacting, learn teaching skills.  Sarah had the opportunity to teach a class to the preschoolers for a semester.  It was at the end of her Junior year that she coordinated a project called, "Summer Learning Bags" which had each child's name printed on the front.  She mangaged to get Scholastic Books to donate books for the project that filled the bags for summer activity so that the little ones could use them during the summer months.  In addition, when it came time for the youngsters' graduation, Sarah planed the cermony from picking out the songs, to preparing a slideshow showing their accomplishments.  This landed her the Little Wildcats' Student Teacher of the Year for 2013 and again for 2014.

Sarah attended a Best Buddies International Leadership Conference at Indiana University where she learned leadership skills and methods to communicate effectively with individuals who are intellectually and developmentally disabled.   Armed with this information, she was very active in the school's Best Buddy Chapter.  "Everyone is inclusive and unified.  Part of our Wildcat pride is welcoming everyone, even if they are different."

In addition to her school activities, Sarah was involved with the school's annual Holiday Sharing Drive.  Through her and other volunteers' efforts, every child attending Odenton Elementary School received a gift containing a hat, gloves, socks, a scarf and a book for the holidays.  In addition, Sarah coordinated a Pennies for Patients drive and raised $1500 in pennies for the Maryland Chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. 

If that were not enough, in her Freshman year, she landed the lead role portraying Tracy Turnblad in the school's production of the musical "Hairspray", which she considers one of her favorite performances.  In addition, she landed signigicant roles in "Cats," "Bye Bye Birdie" and "The Sound of Music."

Sarah has been accepted into the University of Maryland, as part of the College Park Scholars program, where she is considering early education, dentistry or psycology.   She will have the best of both worlds; the benefits of a big university within a small college environment.

Here is what her AP psychology teacher, Andrew Cizek had to say about Sarah:

"Her kindness and generosity always shined through the most.  It sounds so cliche, but Sara is the reason why the phrase "people person" exists.  She radiates a warm benevolence, which makes her leadership skills so unique.  All of her freshmen that were in my homeroom really benefited from that presence, and I'm sure that's true in regards to her role in SGA and Best Buddies as well."






Sarah is indeed an incredible young woman destined to accomplish so much in her lifetime!  In addition to her intelligence and beauty, Sarah is very compassionate and loving and mature beyond her years.  I have photographed many seniors over the years and have loved every session.  However, Sarah had me at "hello!"  It was a pleasure and an honor to be able to capture her senior portraits at this time in her life when she is on the threshold of an amazingly bright future.  I look forward to hearing all about her progress over the years.  My advice?  Look out, world!  Sarah is going to make a difference!  Thank you, Sarah, for choosing VISUAL CONCEPTS PHOTOGRAPHY to create your senior portraits!!







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Country Living in Portraits~What makes us different

Hidden Nooks at the Farmhouse

Davidsonville, Maryland

(Greater Annapolis area to include Baltimore, Washington and Viriginia)


As I sit on my front porch with my morning coffee, I look out onto my gardens and am amazed what a little bit of hard work can yield; here is a pictorial essay of what I get to see every day, along with a video or two. It is often the case that when families book a professional portrait session with us, children love the gardens so much they just don't want to leave. And the same goes with the pet portraits. The best part of the gardens is the Secret Garden where children are so excited to open the wrought iron gate to see what lies ahead. And then they find the fairy garden tucked away for small minds to discover.  It is here where we manage to capture the best, unplanned photographs of children who are in awe and their expessions usually say it all!  There is the pond where they explore to see if they can find a frog or two.  It isn't uncommon to spot our resident rabbit, as well.

My sunflowers grown from seeds!  My neighbor tells me that a previous owner of this gorgeous farmhouse owned a horse for 20 years on my property; thus the reason for fabulous soil!!

What is really cool is that our neighbors allow us to take professional portraits by their barn where children will discover chickens and sheep. Great opportunities for beautiful children and family photographs. Imagine the delight on a child's face at the discovery of seeing chickens and sheep.  Once in awhile a deer can be seen in the distance but mainly we are surrounded by corn fields, red barns and rustic wagons for the perfect backdrops for photography.  And, the sunsets are nature's slideshow for us to enjoy from our back deck.  It is really hard to believe that we are only a few miles away from Annapolis, Baltimore and Washington, D.C.



A bird's eye view of our property!




Our property has a beautiful pond, a wrought-iron gate, lots of flowers and bushes, a rustic shed and a southern front porch complete with pillars, all fabulous sites for stunning portraits of your children, family and, of course, your pets!

Having professional children and family photographs taken here at the farmhouse in Davidsonville, Maryland isn't about taking photographs. It  is about that experience of spending quality time with your family and creating wonderful lasting moments that turn into beautiful memories that now are displayed on walls in your home.  It is often that I hear moms tell me their children remember their familly portrait experience and ask when are they coming back to Ms. Linda’s place ~ Visual Concepts Photography, located in the Greater Annapolis area ~ Davidsonville, Maryland.


And, let's not forget our four-legged members of our family.  Visual Concepts Photography has a division called, Posh Pet Portraits and currently we are accepting applications for pet portraits to be considered for the 2015 Posh Pet Calendar to benefit SPCA Anne Arundel County.  Here is a favorite of mine!  Calvin, too, loves our garden and wants to help!!!  Happy dog makes for happy portraits! 


Here is a video of the one, the only CALVIN making his grand entrance!




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Michael’s fine art photography pieces under Visual Concepts Fine Art, located in Davidsonville, Greater Annapolis Area, is now on display at Honey Hive in Edgewater throughout the month of July.  All pieces are for sale and reasobably priced!!  These fine art images have been taken as far away as Greece and as close as Galesville.  We also have "bin" art for sale at $5 and $10 for framed prints.

On July 19, we are co-hosting a reception with A.L. Parks, author extraordinaire who will be signing her books.  Great opportunity to meet her and to pick up a romance novel for summer reading!  Lite refreshments will be served.

We hope to see you there!


Here are some of the images that are up on display...see anything you like?  If so, stop by Honey Hive.  If you would like us to commission a custom-designed piece for your home or office, please call Linda at 410 626 7474.




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What do Canines, Felines, Posh Pet Portraits and SPCA Anne Arundel County have in common?

Recently we opened a new branch called Posh Pet Portraits. Little did we know how much we would love pet photography. We are situated in Davidsonville Maryland which technically is considered the Greater Annapolis area. We conduct professional pet portrait sessions at our farmhouse indoor studio and outdoor studio where we have custom gardens and an enclosed area for your pets. We even have a pond setting for great professional pet portraits.

We participated in the SPCA walk and the Lab Rescue Walk.  And we attended the Fieldstone Animal Inn's Open House, where we reconnected with the Radles who are long-time clients of ours.    It was at these pet events that we found out pet owners are really really cool people!!  Recently, we also attended and photographed the Canines for Cocktails to benefit SPCA Anne Arundel County,  sponsored by the Paws Pet Boutique and held at Loews in Annapolis Maryland.

The more we connect with pet people the more we realize how compassionate they are and they are so willing to tell you wonderful stories of their pets, esp their rescues. We have a moral obligation I feel, to at least look at rescues and adopting before purchasing an animal. It is heart wrenching to see so many beautiful animals waiting for their forever home.  So, it got us to thinking...why not raise funds for our local SPCA?  We are known as the home of the L'il Angel Calendar to benefit AAMC NICU and we decided to do the same; raise awareness and funds for SPCA Anne Arundel County.  Instead of baby angel models, we are accepting applications for all canine and feline models during the months of July and August.  NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY ~ ONLY SMILES AND GOOD MANNERS!!

A $100 donation to SPCA is required in lieu of a portrait session fee and special pricing for reprints, etc. will be available should you decide to purchase any prints.  Once all the pet portraits are taken, we will post your FAVORITE PET PORTRAIT by Posh Pet Portraits online for voting. The  cost?  $1 a vote and 100% of the money goes directly to SPCA. How cool is that!!  The one with the most votes gets the cover, the next gets January and so on until we reach December.  ALL PETS photographed by Posh Pet Portraits of Greater Annapolis and Davidsonville will be featured on the back cover of the calendar.  We are accepting 30 pets only!

In addition, each calendar month will feature an SPCA pet waiting for his/her forever home.

Visual Concepts Photography chose the SPCA because of their amazing efforts in community wide support for homeless animals in Anne Arundel County. Niko, a 7 month old Poodle/Maltese mix is one example of the many that come to the SPCA with needs for urgent care. Niko had an obstruction in his stomach and intestines and his previous owner couldn't afford to pay for his surgery. 

Upon his arrival to the shelter, the SPCA noticed that he was clearly in serious pain and could not barely stand. Having been blocked for over a week, Niko was rushed to the emergency vet where they took x rays of him. He had ingested some sort of wire that was caught in his stomach. The only thing that could save his live would be invasive surgery to remove it. In addition to the obstruction, it turns out this wire he ingested was giving him lead poisoning and was causing him to have seizures. With that being said, this made his surgery that much more difficult and costly. 

The SPCA of Anne Arundel County decided to move forward with Niko's surgery in order to save his life. Minutes after his surgery, he was already sitting up and even wagged his tail. According to the emergency veterinary staff, it was an intense surgery. The wire had punctured a part of his intestines so they ended up taking out a section of his intestine. They are confident he will make a full recovery.  

In order to continue to help animals, like Niko that come to the SPCA with emergency medical needs, we need your help!

Funds raised from this campaign will go directly towards helping animals like Niko. Your participation will make a significant impact to improving the lives of the many homeless animals at the SPCA.


Here are some cool samples of our pet portraits that we photographed over the months.




I love this image; it represents the majestic German Shepherd who has been trained to save lives and help people.  There certainly is honor in being a dog.


Too cute for words!!!  REALLY!  Just a puppy when this was taken!  We photographed this image in our loft portrait studio.



Pretty eyes!



Two sweet dogs photographed in our Portrait Gardens in Davidsonville, MD.  I can't get enough of their expressions as they were very much into being photographed!  They made my heart sing!



And, then there is HERSHEY and the tale of Hershey meets water for the first time!!


I LOVE this photo!  It says it all!  Hershey was just a pup when he was photographed and he hadn't yet been exposed to water.  He was off leash and dashed over to the pond to explore.  You can only imagine his suprise when he tried to "walk" on water!!  Once he discovered he couldn't, he did everything he could to defy gravity and have fun in the meantime!!!  That was one of the most precious dog portrait sessions taken here at the farmhouse in Davidsonville!



My beloved Casey! 


She was a gift from Michael and came into my life in 2007.  She is by my side constantly and loves country living!  Casey is a huntress and it is always a challenge to keep her away from rabbits, birds, and the odd possum!  She is all Lab and loves everyone who comes here but can't understand why she can't come out to play when the dogs come by for their pet portrait session.  But, she loves it when they leave because she has a field day smelling all the different is quite comical to watch her flee across the yard to the gardens, to the pond, back to her starting point all over again!  My heart aches for her that she can't join in the fun, but rules are rules!


Pure Expression


Having a professional pet portrait of your dog or cat is priceless!  What is more priceless is helping the SPCA Anne Arundel County in continuing their good works by participating in our 2015 Posh Pet Calendar.  Won't you join our growing family of helping other animals one paw print at a time? 


Please contact Linda at 410 626 7474 for more information!!!  And please like our Facebook page.  It is there that you will get up-to-the minute information on the calendar!  Hope to see you soon!


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Exist in Photos for Your Loved Ones

I was struggling to find a subject to blog about for July.  My mantra has always been,.something will come up: don't worry.  And sure enough, this morning, my nephew, Shane, posted this photo and asked me when it was taken.  It was taken in 1973 when my mother turned 60 years old.  We all gathered in our hometown, Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada to celebrate her birthday (at that time, I thought she was really, really old!)  It's dated but it's priceless.  We are altogether in line of birth.  I remember having a wonderful time; I took the train from Montreal to Dalhousie, where my mother was living at the time, and I remember having such a fabulous time.  Most likely we had a feed of lobster, steamed clams under the maple tree, played Auction 45 and told stories.  There were lots of stories; funny stories, sad stories, but stories we lived by and connected with.  Lots of cousins and aunts dropped in; it was a revolving door; It was a good time.  My brother and I left together homeward bound by train...he to Toronto and me back to Montreal.  We shared lots of great times on that train ride.  We looked like two hippies back then and everyone thought we were a couple..yuck, we both said!!  Oh, the fun of it all!!  This photo conjured up so many wonderful memories of a time long gone by. 



And, then it got me to thinking about another family reunion..this one is in 1993 when my mother turned 80 years young, twenty years later!  It was taken in Edgewater where I lived at the time and all my siblings, spouses and some nieces and nephews descended upon us and stayed at our house for the duration.  This time instead of lobster, we treated them to good 'ol Maryland blue crabs!  What a feast!  And again, there were plenty of stories, laughter, singing, dancing...the memories live on.

You will see, however, that we are missing one brother, John, who sadly passed away at the age of 59 years old.  It was with great delight, however, that his family was able to make the long journey from Edmonton, Alberta to Edgewater, MD to join in all the festivities.




It has been a long time since this photo was taken and my mother, Maggie, has since passed away but she lives in each and every one of our hearts every day.  Her joie de vivre was like none other.  You couldn't help but laugh when you were in her company.  And, she loved to have her photo taken.  It didn't matter how she looked, if you wanted to photograph her, "hell yea, let's do it!!"  And, I am glad she did.  Because she knew what it was to exist in photos for your loved ones.  She knew that one day we would look upon the photo and not only see the image, but remember the moments.

Thanks, Maggie for the do exist in photos for us all to love, to cherish and to remember the good times.  As you would say, "les le bon temps role!"  And, I am sure you are letting the good times roll wherever you are....