Fall Photo Session at the Farmhouse

  • Published October 25th, 2011 by Visual Concepts Photography
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Last Saturday, the G Family took advantage of the beautiful fall weather and commissioned Visual Concepts Photography (serving the Greater Annapolis area) to create beautiful, natural family photographs.  When they came in for their complimenatry consultation, I immediately fell in love with this family!  Their boys are adorable, very bright and curious, so I was very anxious to get started and creating their memories to last them a lifetime!  When we met again for the portrait session, their oldest boy immediately wanted to set out for the barn!!  He remembered our conversation at the consultation and I promised him I would take him to the barn because there was a tractor there!  And, boys being boys, love tractors and Ms. Linda was held to her promise.  However, our first stop was at the split rail fence with the trees as a beautiful backdrop.  This image held promise that we were going to have a great session! 



As luck would have it, Farmer Tim was getting ready for a party at the barn that evening so you can imagine their delight and surprise when he graciously offered them a hay ride!  Every child's dream! 



Here he is seeing the tractor for the first time!  His look says it all!!!



Here they are at the end of the hayride!  Pefectly impromptu, perfectly remembered!


Next stop was our garden full of wonder and suprise for two curious minds!





And, then...the pond!  How beautiful is this image of two boys fishing???  They didn't catch anything but they did have a lot of fun trying!






And here is a timeless image of them running and playing!!




In years to come, when mom and dad look at these photos, what do you think they will remember???  Memories..beautiful memories of two little boys magically transported to a story book farm scene where they were able to use their creative imagination and play to their hearts' content!!!

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Fall Photos

For those of you who know me, you know that I love autumn best.  Simply put, it always reminds me of home..Northern New Brunswick, where Autumn was by far the most beautiful season of all!  We could see maple trees in their glorious colors as far as the eye would take us.  As school children, we would be given tasks of finding the perfect maple leaf and design something beautiful in art class!  I believe I still have a  maple leaf somewhere in my collection of odds and ends, tucked away in a closet.  Thus, I always take to the camera to capture (it never really does it justice) something of this fleeting season before the long winter sets in. 



This photo was taken in the morning before the rains came.  I love Mt. Airy Strawberry Farm and my tree balances the photo to show you the perfect autumn scene.



This photo of the house across the street was taken later in the day.  Actually, I can see the house from my living room window where Michael and I dine during the winter months.  This image made me jump from my chair and run outside as fast as I could before the sun (which was behind me) set.  I love this house, which you cannot see because of the trees but in the winter time its windows are ablaze with the setting sun giving it the illusion of being on fire.  I will post one later on.  However, for now, I will enjoy the autumn colors these trees create, making me remember growing up on the Northern Shore of New Brunswick were Autumn reigns supreme (in my mind!).

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Crofton Regional Recreational Center


We are off to a great start..2 families today...back to back...here are some photos...first family we photographed by the barn and the second family opted for the front porch!  I love photographing outdoors at the farmhouse because there are so many options!  It helps to have great looking subjects and a great portrait day!


Beautiful fall day with a great backdrop.  Can't go wrong with beautiful subjects!!!


The barn always proves to be a great backdrop for family portraits.  Love this shot of the girls with their "attitude" poses!!









My next family has girls a little more grown up, so we opted for the front porch for that classic Southern family portrait.....




Here is a great close up that shows the connection!



Classic, beautiful individual poses of each of the girls!


We are continuing to accept sessions and if you are interested please email here for more information on how you can give back to your community ($50 to CRCC..tax deductible) and receive beautiful family portraits (free session and 1 11x14).

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What a wonderful day it was today, great start to the weekend!  I had a morning session at the farmhouse studio, here in Davidsonville with two boys, ages 5 1/2 and 3 1/2...as they aptly told me...remember, the 1/2s count!!!!  We started out in Farmer Tim's Pumpkin Patch...the Strawberry Farm is always a great place for boys to explore.  As you can see the following image is worthy of a Gap Ad!



And, after exploring the barn and discovering the TRACTOR, they were so relaxed and in their element!!  Really, what boy doesn't love barns, tractors, woodpiles and straw!




Onward March!  Check out the sleeve!  I couldn't resist this photo.  Boy on a mission!!!



And then it was back to the farmhouse where they explored the pond to see if they could spot a frog.  Unfortunately, today the frogs were fast asleep.  But this photo tells all..the bond and love between 2 brothers!  Captured my heart!


And, here they are...laughing!  Could it be they were laughing at Ms. Linda's Ninja moves??  Oh, sure, they were but that's OK because Ms. Linda got the perfect shot!



And, now we have rounded out the session by returning back to the farmhouse and getting some wonderful shots on our Southern porch!  He wasn't posing, just checking something out!!!  Great fun!



That one image says it all!



Boys will be boys...playing under the Crape Myrtle tree!!!



And, finally, he points to the sky to see the flock of Canadian Geese showing off their fly-by just for him!  Great session!!  Great boys!





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A Wall Portrait for the Nursery

Here is an original design of a 24x30 wall portrait.  How cute would that be hanging up in his nursery? 






We hope this blog finds you well!  I am sure your September was crazy busy with school, PTA, carpooling and the like!  We, here at our Davidsonville farmhouse, have been very busy with lots of family portrait sessions as well as high school seniors and newborns!  Michael has been busy with making sure the gardens are in top shape, the waterfall/pond is working and that the gardens are at their finest!  Now, however, with Fall making its entrance, we are shaping up for Fall decor; lots of mums, pumpkins, bales of straw to decorate our outdoor studio with family portrait sessions!


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L'il Angel Calendar Information


Want to be a part of giving back to AAMC NICU?  Here is an easy way to do so!!  Each year, Visual Concepts Photography puts a call out to all babies, ages 0 - 36 months to participate in our L'il Angel Calendar, net proceeds to benefit AAMC NICU and the new PEDS Dept!  No experience necessary...only lots of smiles and giggles!!!  I am frequently asked if only NICU babies can participate and the answer is all babies 0 - 36 months can apply!!!  The call for baby models starts in January of each new year, but we are accepting applications all year long!  If you would like to join our growing family, please e mail me and I will put your name on the list.

So, how does this work?  How do we raise funds?  We normally photograph 100 babies between February-April and we post our favorite image on our website (NO PERSONAL INFORMATION IS GIVEN OUT AT ANY TIME!)  Only 13 babies will be featured in the calendar.  To be considered for the calendar, everyone has to vote!  Each vote is $1 and the one with the most votes secures the cover, the next one secures January until we reach December! 

We started this program 4 years ago and in 4 short years, we raised $60,000!!!  With your help, we can continue to raise funds for the tinest, most vulnerable patient at AAMC and we encourage you and your friends to participate!  Please call Linda at 410 626 7474 for more information!

(To see a sample calendar, click on Little Angel Calendar on our introductory page!)