I am so pleased to announce that the 2013 Little Angels raised over $21,000 for AAMC NICU.  Congratulations to all of you who support this wonderful cause.  Little did I know that when I produced the first calendar in 2009, we would raise over $90,000 in the following years!  Isn't it wonderful to know that your money is being put to good use to your hospital in your area?  AAMC NICU is the best!


Here is Carol's e mail that was written to Jan Wood, Head of Foundation and copied to me:

Dear Jan and Linda,

This is amazaing work and great for our staff to support unit educational opportunities, complete some very needed suppy/equipment that benefit our babies in the Clatanoff.  I cannot personaly even imagine what it would be like without someone like Linda in our community to support such a wonderful need for famlies.  this is absolutely the best gift for my day.  Thank you again and for sharng the good news.  Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.


Carol A. Lacher, MS, RN

Clinical Director NICU


I am so proud of each and every one of you who participated in this wonderful fundraiser.  All I did was spearhead the campaign.  YOU did all the work!  Bless you for answering the call and please know that your monies are well spent on the tiniest, most vulnerable patient at AAMC. 


Here are your top angel leaders as of April 26:


























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Here are your top angel leaders:




















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Dear Angel Participants:

We are winding down the angel sessions for 2013 and as I get ready to complete my last two sessions, my thoughts keep going back to the beginning of the sessions. It is a bittersweet moment for me.  When Michael and I purchased our quaint and quirky 100 year-old farmhouse, I said then that this house needs children: childen's giggles, the sound of the pitter patter of little feet, the contagious laughter, the cries, the tantrums...all of it.  And, boy, did we get our wish!  We had almost 40 angels come through our doors and we had a blast!  When the last one is done, the house will be quiet again and I will be dreaming towards next year when we get to start this all over again!

I want to thank you for trusting me to create beautiful memories of your child(ren).  Thank you to the angels who have returned.  You have given me the best compliment ever!!  Thank you to those of you who answered the call through Facebook or a card or a poster.  You did not know me; you did not know anyone who knew me, but you took a chance.  You believed in me and in our fundraiser.  I cannot thank you enough; again, that's such a compliment!

When people ask me what impresses me the most about this fundraiser the answer is:  YOU!  You impress me!  The mother who has never seen the inside of NICU but is so compassionate about those who have and wants to give amaze me with your generosity!  The mother, father, grandparent who has had a little one in NICU~your stories are heartbreaking, amazing, awe-inspiring.  The parents who have a less-than-perfect child; the look of pure love in your face everytime you look at your child is something to behold.  There is no pity there...none!  The parents who have lost a heart bleeds for you; your strength, your love and your selflessness have humbled me in ways that I cannot express.  You are the true angels.  Never, ever once in all the time that I have been doing this fundraiser have I ever heard you say..."Why me."  If anything, I think your answer would be, "Why not me?"  I would never have met you had I not done this fundraiser and I can tell you that you have changed the way I view life in so many ways.  I am so honored to have met you and to say you are my friend.

I would be remiss if I didn't say something about AAMC NICU.  All of you who have had the experience of being in NICU with your lttle one have told me over and over again how much you cherish the staff who have worked so hard and so diligently for you.  Carol Lacher goes above and beyond the call of duty and I have heard you mention many nurses' names..too numerous to mention here.  They are all loved so dearly.  We count ourselves so blessed to have such a Unit in our area. Here is a brief description of what goes on in AAMC NICU:

"A baby fights to live. Cords and lines connected to sophisticated technology wrap the newborn’s limbs. Blurry-eyed parents press their hands against the clear acrylic cover of a ventilator that beeps and glows with every struggling breath of the infant. A teddy bear, whose length and weight is larger than this tiny child, sits nearby. Doctors monitor every movement. Nurses whisper words of comfort to the parents giving them the strength to endure. This is the AAMC NICU. AAMC has the only Level IIIb Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in the county.  Babies are cared for in 20 private rooms with the flexibility to care for up to 36 babies at a time. The NICU cared for more than 700 babies last year, and is on pace to care for even more this year.  Almost 12% of babies born at AAMC are admitted to the NICU, up from 10% in previous years."

NICU needs our help!  Their wish list is long and together we can reach our goal of $10,000 by voting!  Remember that you are helping the tiniest, most vulnerable patient at AAMC and what better way than spreading the word that voting for your angel will start on MONDAY, APRIL 8 and end on MONDAY, APRIL 29.

Please share this open letter to your family and friends to let them know that we are only a few weeks away from the starting gate! Just think...if each one of you reached out to 20 of your friends and those 20 gave $20, we could raise $16,000.  Now if 30 friends gave $30, we could raise even more.  See how easy that is?  All votes are 100% tax-deductible!!

So, let's band together and show NICU we care!!  I know you can do it!!!!!!

Thank you once again for your generous spirit!!!  You keep me going each and every year and it is a pleasure to serve you!








Click on the link for our MARCH NEWSLETTER...  We still have a few openings (only 5) for the Little Angel Calendar, Bunny Sessions are in full swing and we are looking for Senior Rep Models for our Ambassador Program!  In addition, we will be joining forces with A Goode Decorating Company.  Deb will give us some tips on decor and help you with your questions!

As I write this, I understand we are in for some snow (but that can all change!).  Stay safe, stay warm and don't venture out unless absolutely necessary!





Here is NICU's wish list.  With our Little Angel Calendar Fundraiser, let's make some of this happen for them.  Please be a part of our growing family {babies helping babies}

-twin beds for parents can comfortably stay overnight with their infants so that they can fully participate in their baby's care and prepare for the transitionhome.

-Waterless Milk Warmers

-Newborn Bassinets wooden case w/stoage


For more information on how you can participate, please call Linda at 410 626 7474.