Happy 20th Anniversary to Visual Concepts Photography! 

I almost didn't realize it has been 20 years since I opened up for business and couldn't let the opportunity slip by without saying I haven't worked a day in 20 years!  Seriously!!  It's been that much fun and can't believe how fast the years have flown by!  I remember clearly the day I asked my professor at AACC if I had what it took to become a professional.  He looked at me in askance...like he was saying, "you have to ask that question?" 

With that new confidence in my back pocket, I hung up my shingle and thus, Visual Concepts was born!  I started out in my Edgewater home and read everything and anything on photography and trusted my 35mm SLR to see me through.  Yes, I started out with 35 mm film and photographed my professor's family.  It was my very first paying job!  Woo hoo!!!  From that, one of their friends talked me into photographing her brother's wedding.  What?  Wedding?  I had 4 months to prepare and prepare I did!  Grabbed Ken Sklute's book on Wedding Photography and practiced, practiced, practiced.  That first wedding got me started on a very successful wedding photography career which spanned over 15 years!  Business grew and so did I.  I graduated from a 35 mm camera to a Mamiya Medium Format Camera with multiple backs, a second camera and plenty of 220 film.  Ah, those were the days of strong discipline and a good strong arm!  With strobframe, a Q Flash and my trusty workhorse, I shot many many weddings and families.  Throughout my wedding career, Jamie Robers of Roberts Photographers joined me as an assitant and became so good that he photographed numerous weddings for me. 

After 8 years of working out of my home, I opened a storefront studio at Jemal's Bay 50 center in Annapolis where I enjoyed photographing babies, families and high school seniors.  All was going really well and then the digital era exploded!!!  What?  Give up my trusty workhorse?  Oh, that was so difficult but I retired my Mamiya, my 35 mm and went fully digital.  I went in kicking and screaming but I did it!  Just ask Jamie!!  What a learning curve.  But my background in the darkroom and working in medium format helped tremendously with the transition, along with Jamie's patient tutoring and some photo shop classes.  In addition to learning all about digital photography, the new millenium brought about my separation/divorce, a new home and a new life! 

In 2006, I met and fell in love with Dr. Michael Hodge who is one of the most patient and laid-back persons I knew and who happened to be an accomplished photographer in his own right!  With Michael at my side, I closed my storefront operation once my lease was up and purchased my farmhouse where I now live and operate my business.  Michael has helped me grow expotentially with his expertise, keen eye for design and his creativity.  He built my custom gardens and pond for gorgeous outdoor settings which please the eye and spark inquiring minds of my little subjects!  Twenty years is a long time but it doesn't mean that I am still back in 1992.  No, what it does mean is that 20 years shows a strong successful business that prides itself on customer service and great custom products.  I am indebted to my loyal clients who have become family and friends to me over the years..from photographing a newborn to a high school senior is such an awesome experience!  It tells me that my clients have come to trust me, like me and contine to refer me to their friends and family.  And that, dear reader, is better than anything money can buy!  So, we are here to stay and we are toasting to a great future of working with warm, wonderful clients who ultimately will join the network of friends who know and love Visual Concepts Photography.  Thank you for your support!


August is proving to be a busy month.  This family portrait photographer is busy with high school senior shoots, family sessions and newborns.  We have just launched our August Newsletter FULL of wonderful information and SPECIALS, including Family Portraiture, What Fun, High School Senior Special and much more.  CLICK HERE  for the latest news!


Here are our current AUGUST SPECIALS...just for YOU!!!








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Meeting Up With the Storeys

Sometimes you meet people in your life who just make you feel good, make you smile all over and you are just so glad to be in their company.  Well, let me introduce you to Brad and Tricia whom I had the pleasure (along with the awesome Jamie Roberts!) of photographing their wedding at the Naval Academy five years ago.  They subsequently moved out to CA and then moved to the Great State of Nebraska!  So you can imagine my delight when I found out they would be just a stone's throw from the airport!!  In the meantime, they just had a baby and I was going to meet Leah and have the opportunity to do a quick baby portrait as my gift to them!!  It was a terrific reunion (albeit too short).  I hope our paths will cross again soon!




What a treat it was to see my framed wedding photograph on their wall!



It was a perfect ending to a perfect getaway to beautiful Nebraska!  I look forward to next year's MAP Program and seeing the Storeys again!!!!

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Got a call from the Today Show asking for my angel photo of Emme for their website and thus the call from OK Magazine!  How cool!!  As honored as I am to have my photo in a national magazine, I am more than honored to have photographed Emme, my beautiful angel, who is now the youngest member of MENSA!  Congratulations to Emme and her parents!



To view our April Newsletter, please click here  You will find lots of GREAT DEALS and SAVINGS on:



WHAT FUN ~ a place where kids can be kids~ play date at the farmhouse.  Book a session and receive credits towards your next portrait session!

ONCE UPON A LIFETIME ...SAVINGS for the pregnant mom

ANGEL UPDATE...where we are winding down our angel sessions






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Hi Readers:

It has been a busy 2012 year, mostly due in part to our L'il Angel Fundraiser which is now in full swing!  We are having a blast and the angels are rocking the studio!  Here is the newsletter with all the details and if you or anyone you know who might qualify, please let me know.  Sessions are filling up fast as we have nearly 50 angels who are participating!!  Check us out on Facebook for the latest updates!

Here are some of our beautiful angels being considered for the 2013 L'il Angel Calendar:







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Casting Call for Angel Models!