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Recently, I received a phone call from Sarah, a recent graduate of Arundel High School, inquiring about senior photographs.  After talking with her for awhile, we set up a consultation date with her mother to meet me, review her senior portrait needs, go over my portfolio, review our investment guide and give her a tour of our gardens.  So what's unusual about this?  I will tell you!  I have been photographing high school seniors for many years and this was one of the rare times that a high school senior actually called to schedule her own senior portrait session!

It was during our consultation that I learned that Sarah was chosen "Teen of The Week" for the upcoming issue of the Capital and not knowing what was written about her, I anxiously awaited the delivery of my newspaper.  And, here is what I read (I paraphrased and condensed the actual version, but it tells her story).  My first impressions were confirmed. I was, indeed, photographing a very special high school senior.


Sarah was President of the National Honor Society during her senior year and was also active in the Tri-M Music Honor Society and Spanish Honor Society.  In addition, she was involved in the Student Government Association at the class and school level for all four years.

Arundel High has a child development program called, The Little Wildcats Preschool, where students study the growth and development of preschoolers attending the preschool.  Teens interact with the 3-5 year olds and in the course of interacting, learn teaching skills.  Sarah had the opportunity to teach a class to the preschoolers for a semester.  It was at the end of her Junior year that she coordinated a project called, "Summer Learning Bags" which had each child's name printed on the front.  She mangaged to get Scholastic Books to donate books for the project that filled the bags for summer activity so that the little ones could use them during the summer months.  In addition, when it came time for the youngsters' graduation, Sarah planed the cermony from picking out the songs, to preparing a slideshow showing their accomplishments.  This landed her the Little Wildcats' Student Teacher of the Year for 2013 and again for 2014.

Sarah attended a Best Buddies International Leadership Conference at Indiana University where she learned leadership skills and methods to communicate effectively with individuals who are intellectually and developmentally disabled.   Armed with this information, she was very active in the school's Best Buddy Chapter.  "Everyone is inclusive and unified.  Part of our Wildcat pride is welcoming everyone, even if they are different."

In addition to her school activities, Sarah was involved with the school's annual Holiday Sharing Drive.  Through her and other volunteers' efforts, every child attending Odenton Elementary School received a gift containing a hat, gloves, socks, a scarf and a book for the holidays.  In addition, Sarah coordinated a Pennies for Patients drive and raised $1500 in pennies for the Maryland Chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. 

If that were not enough, in her Freshman year, she landed the lead role portraying Tracy Turnblad in the school's production of the musical "Hairspray", which she considers one of her favorite performances.  In addition, she landed signigicant roles in "Cats," "Bye Bye Birdie" and "The Sound of Music."

Sarah has been accepted into the University of Maryland, as part of the College Park Scholars program, where she is considering early education, dentistry or psycology.   She will have the best of both worlds; the benefits of a big university within a small college environment.

Here is what her AP psychology teacher, Andrew Cizek had to say about Sarah:

"Her kindness and generosity always shined through the most.  It sounds so cliche, but Sara is the reason why the phrase "people person" exists.  She radiates a warm benevolence, which makes her leadership skills so unique.  All of her freshmen that were in my homeroom really benefited from that presence, and I'm sure that's true in regards to her role in SGA and Best Buddies as well."






Sarah is indeed an incredible young woman destined to accomplish so much in her lifetime!  In addition to her intelligence and beauty, Sarah is very compassionate and loving and mature beyond her years.  I have photographed many seniors over the years and have loved every session.  However, Sarah had me at "hello!"  It was a pleasure and an honor to be able to capture her senior portraits at this time in her life when she is on the threshold of an amazingly bright future.  I look forward to hearing all about her progress over the years.  My advice?  Look out, world!  Sarah is going to make a difference!  Thank you, Sarah, for choosing VISUAL CONCEPTS PHOTOGRAPHY to create your senior portraits!!







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Michael’s fine art photography pieces under Visual Concepts Fine Art, located in Davidsonville, Greater Annapolis Area, is now on display at Honey Hive in Edgewater throughout the month of July.  All pieces are for sale and reasobably priced!!  These fine art images have been taken as far away as Greece and as close as Galesville.  We also have "bin" art for sale at $5 and $10 for framed prints.

On July 19, we are co-hosting a reception with A.L. Parks, author extraordinaire who will be signing her books.  Great opportunity to meet her and to pick up a romance novel for summer reading!  Lite refreshments will be served.

We hope to see you there!


Here are some of the images that are up on display...see anything you like?  If so, stop by Honey Hive.  If you would like us to commission a custom-designed piece for your home or office, please call Linda at 410 626 7474.




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I received this note from Lisa Michelsen, Donor Relations Manager, AAMC Foundation written to her by Carol Lacher, MSN, RN, Clinical Director NICU.  I wanted to share this with you so you would know where the money went that you raised through our angel calendar fundraiser:

Dear Lisa,
Please let Linda McCarthy know that we used the donation funds in the NICU for education to staff throughout the Clatanoff on STABLE course. We had 4 classes, paid 2 instructors, and the books to provide during class time. Each class had 10-15 RN’s attend for the education last year.  The STABLE class provides essential education in stabilization of the newborn and helping NICU RN’s and Mother Baby/Pediatric/OR staff caring for babies. STABLE for sugar, temperature, artificial breathing, lab work, and emotional support to families. In addition we had a Cardiac Stable course. Roseanne Thompson and Webra Price-Douglas are the instructors that support the outreach for our staff and other hospitals.
The donations also supported 2 more neonatal code carts to store our special NICU medications when a baby is not doing well, the supplies, and equipment to provide safe quality care. Linda helped us before to purchase 2 carts. This incredible support from Linda and her work is so amazing and we could not do this without her divine, magically support.
If we are in a good place this year with support for our Angel Calendars, I have a great idea. Maybe some of the money can support a NICU Reunion and complete the need for 10 more room chairs that are washable. We have found the need to provide replacements for chairs in the main NICU for the desk area in each room. Thank you again for the excellence in caring about our community and NICU. Carol Lacher


Trust me when I say to you how proud I am of this amazing fundraiser!  Not only do I get to meet THE most faboulous FAMILIES, I get to photograph their beautiful angels.  You believed in me, trusted me and reached out to raise money for such a worthy cause.  I am humbled by all of you who answered the call.  Without you, we would not have been able to achieve what is so much needed in NICU.  Thank you!!!

Can we repeat the process this year and have a NICU Reunion?  How wonderful would that be?Tr??  Let's band together to make it happen!!!  We are currently looking for angel models ages 0-36 (all are welcome!!) to be considered for the 2015 L'il Angel Calendar.  Please click here for more information.



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August is proving to be a busy month.  This family portrait photographer is busy with high school senior shoots, family sessions and newborns.  We have just launched our August Newsletter FULL of wonderful information and SPECIALS, including Family Portraiture, What Fun, High School Senior Special and much more.  CLICK HERE  for the latest news!


Here are our current AUGUST SPECIALS...just for YOU!!!








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Meeting Up With the Storeys

Sometimes you meet people in your life who just make you feel good, make you smile all over and you are just so glad to be in their company.  Well, let me introduce you to Brad and Tricia whom I had the pleasure (along with the awesome Jamie Roberts!) of photographing their wedding at the Naval Academy five years ago.  They subsequently moved out to CA and then moved to the Great State of Nebraska!  So you can imagine my delight when I found out they would be just a stone's throw from the airport!!  In the meantime, they just had a baby and I was going to meet Leah and have the opportunity to do a quick baby portrait as my gift to them!!  It was a terrific reunion (albeit too short).  I hope our paths will cross again soon!




What a treat it was to see my framed wedding photograph on their wall!



It was a perfect ending to a perfect getaway to beautiful Nebraska!  I look forward to next year's MAP Program and seeing the Storeys again!!!!

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Hi Readers:

It has been a busy 2012 year, mostly due in part to our L'il Angel Fundraiser which is now in full swing!  We are having a blast and the angels are rocking the studio!  Here is the newsletter with all the details and if you or anyone you know who might qualify, please let me know.  Sessions are filling up fast as we have nearly 50 angels who are participating!!  Check us out on Facebook for the latest updates!

Here are some of our beautiful angels being considered for the 2013 L'il Angel Calendar:







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To all my recent angel babies and their supporters of AAMC NICU, this letter was really meant for you and I would very much like to share it... What a wonderful Christmas present!!!  I am so looking forward to working on the next calendar (our 5th one!!!) in January..stay tuned for details!


December 13, 2011


Dear Linda,

 As promised, following is an update on how the NICU has used the generous funds you donated to the department through the Angel Calendar sales.

. With a portion of the funds donated, the NICU purchased a new exam chair and new baby scale.  These items will make it easier for the nurses to perform their daily check ups on our babies.

.They purchased ten Medical Syringe Pumps to help staff to deliver precise medications and feedings to our tiny patients.

.Eight nurses were able to attend an educational conference, so they are up to date on the most recent treatments and protocols for NICU babies.

.An Armostrong Medical Crash Cart was purchased.  A crash cart provides the necessary medical supplies and equipment for transportation and dispensing of emergency medication/equipment for supplies and equipment for transportation and dispensing of emergency medication/equipment for life support protocols to potentially save a baby's life.

The NICU has seen un upsurge of babies in the past 5 years.  AAMC is Maryland's second largest birthing hospital with more that 5,200 births annually - where over 500 of these babies end up in the NICU each year.  As you can see, thanks to geneorisity, the NICU has greatly improved the care they are able to provide our tiniest patients because of the new equipment they were able to purchase.

Thanks so much, Linda, for your kindness, generosity, and all around great spirit!  You are truly an angel to the NICU.

Happy Holidays!


Lisa Michelsen



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