In honor of Casey and all the dogs who found a "forever" home


Casey came into my life as a puppy seven years ago, a gift from Michael.  She lived with him for awhile until I got settled into the farmhouse, where she now happily resides.  Casey is a Yellow Lab; part English, part American.  Although, she is a gift from Michael, her heart (like mine) belongs to him.  Below is a video of her unconditional love when she greets him every day.  She knows instinctively when he comes home and one will find her by the door, waiting for him.


Casey is a great companion.  Recently, she has taken to following me wherever I go and lays at my feet feeling very content.  She loves company and anyone who comes over, she reckons they come to see her and only her!!  Over the years, I have learned so much from her.  I have learned to take a nap when needed, have fun, exercise, love unconditionally and eat just the right amount (OK, I haven't mastered that one!!)  Socialize, love life, rest, sleep, play and always be there for someone who needs you.  She has become an integral part of my life.

Prayer Mode


Anyone who owns a dog knows what I am talking about!  Casey, like thousands of other dogs got lucky.  She has never seen the inside of a kennel.  She is in a place where she is loved and cared for.  Not all dogs or cats have that privilege, as you well know.  I wanted to make a difference in a dog or cat’s life, thus the idea of the calendar to raise funds for the SPCA was borne.  As many of you may know, we are the home of the L’il Angel Calendar to benefit NICU and over the years we managed to raise over $100,000.  So, why not do the same for the SPCA.  Little did we know, that we would receive an outpouring of love and support and through the calendar efforts, to date we have met so many wonderful people and their companions.  Most of them have been adopted through the SPCA or other means and it’s uncanny.  It’s almost like these dogs get the sense that without their owners, their lives would have taken a different turn altogether.

To say I am loving this project is an understatement.  It has been a humbling experience to date and I cannot wait to see the finished product.  But wait!!  It isn’t over yet!!  We are still looking for pet owners who believe in giving back by helping a dog or cat find its forever home.  The funds for this calendar go directly to the SPCA and are 100% tax deductible.  Won’t you be a part of our growing family {making a difference one paw print at a time} by participating in this worthy event?  To find out more, email or call 410-626-7474

WARNING:  When viewing the video, turn down the sound a bit :)



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Country Living in Portraits~What makes us different

Hidden Nooks at the Farmhouse

Davidsonville, Maryland

(Greater Annapolis area to include Baltimore, Washington and Viriginia)


As I sit on my front porch with my morning coffee, I look out onto my gardens and am amazed what a little bit of hard work can yield; here is a pictorial essay of what I get to see every day, along with a video or two. It is often the case that when families book a professional portrait session with us, children love the gardens so much they just don't want to leave. And the same goes with the pet portraits. The best part of the gardens is the Secret Garden where children are so excited to open the wrought iron gate to see what lies ahead. And then they find the fairy garden tucked away for small minds to discover.  It is here where we manage to capture the best, unplanned photographs of children who are in awe and their expessions usually say it all!  There is the pond where they explore to see if they can find a frog or two.  It isn't uncommon to spot our resident rabbit, as well.

My sunflowers grown from seeds!  My neighbor tells me that a previous owner of this gorgeous farmhouse owned a horse for 20 years on my property; thus the reason for fabulous soil!!

What is really cool is that our neighbors allow us to take professional portraits by their barn where children will discover chickens and sheep. Great opportunities for beautiful children and family photographs. Imagine the delight on a child's face at the discovery of seeing chickens and sheep.  Once in awhile a deer can be seen in the distance but mainly we are surrounded by corn fields, red barns and rustic wagons for the perfect backdrops for photography.  And, the sunsets are nature's slideshow for us to enjoy from our back deck.  It is really hard to believe that we are only a few miles away from Annapolis, Baltimore and Washington, D.C.



A bird's eye view of our property!




Our property has a beautiful pond, a wrought-iron gate, lots of flowers and bushes, a rustic shed and a southern front porch complete with pillars, all fabulous sites for stunning portraits of your children, family and, of course, your pets!

Having professional children and family photographs taken here at the farmhouse in Davidsonville, Maryland isn't about taking photographs. It  is about that experience of spending quality time with your family and creating wonderful lasting moments that turn into beautiful memories that now are displayed on walls in your home.  It is often that I hear moms tell me their children remember their familly portrait experience and ask when are they coming back to Ms. Linda’s place ~ Visual Concepts Photography, located in the Greater Annapolis area ~ Davidsonville, Maryland.


And, let's not forget our four-legged members of our family.  Visual Concepts Photography has a division called, Posh Pet Portraits and currently we are accepting applications for pet portraits to be considered for the 2015 Posh Pet Calendar to benefit SPCA Anne Arundel County.  Here is a favorite of mine!  Calvin, too, loves our garden and wants to help!!!  Happy dog makes for happy portraits! 


Here is a video of the one, the only CALVIN making his grand entrance!




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