Exist in Photos for Your Loved Ones

I was struggling to find a subject to blog about for July.  My mantra has always been,.something will come up: don't worry.  And sure enough, this morning, my nephew, Shane, posted this photo and asked me when it was taken.  It was taken in 1973 when my mother turned 60 years old.  We all gathered in our hometown, Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada to celebrate her birthday (at that time, I thought she was really, really old!)  It's dated but it's priceless.  We are altogether in line of birth.  I remember having a wonderful time; I took the train from Montreal to Dalhousie, where my mother was living at the time, and I remember having such a fabulous time.  Most likely we had a feed of lobster, steamed clams under the maple tree, played Auction 45 and told stories.  There were lots of stories; funny stories, sad stories, but stories we lived by and connected with.  Lots of cousins and aunts dropped in; it was a revolving door; It was a good time.  My brother and I left together homeward bound by train...he to Toronto and me back to Montreal.  We shared lots of great times on that train ride.  We looked like two hippies back then and everyone thought we were a couple..yuck, we both said!!  Oh, the fun of it all!!  This photo conjured up so many wonderful memories of a time long gone by. 



And, then it got me to thinking about another family reunion..this one is in 1993 when my mother turned 80 years young, twenty years later!  It was taken in Edgewater where I lived at the time and all my siblings, spouses and some nieces and nephews descended upon us and stayed at our house for the duration.  This time instead of lobster, we treated them to good 'ol Maryland blue crabs!  What a feast!  And again, there were plenty of stories, laughter, singing, dancing...the memories live on.

You will see, however, that we are missing one brother, John, who sadly passed away at the age of 59 years old.  It was with great delight, however, that his family was able to make the long journey from Edmonton, Alberta to Edgewater, MD to join in all the festivities.




It has been a long time since this photo was taken and my mother, Maggie, has since passed away but she lives in each and every one of our hearts every day.  Her joie de vivre was like none other.  You couldn't help but laugh when you were in her company.  And, she loved to have her photo taken.  It didn't matter how she looked, if you wanted to photograph her, "hell yea, let's do it!!"  And, I am glad she did.  Because she knew what it was to exist in photos for your loved ones.  She knew that one day we would look upon the photo and not only see the image, but remember the moments.

Thanks, Maggie for the memories...you do exist in photos for us all to love, to cherish and to remember the good times.  As you would say, "les le bon temps role!"  And, I am sure you are letting the good times roll wherever you are....






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